Thursday, August 25, 2016

WPEC CBS 12 - Aug 24, 2016


  1. Hillary is basing her campaign on the Lyndon Johnson Campaign. Word by word. True News just published a video where every word said in her campaign speaches are the same word. The gentlemen that ran Lyndon Johnson campaign gave Hillary the script and told her that the only thing you have to do is switch the names. I believe the commercial that she will give on October is the Daisy commercial that Lyndon Johnson gave and destroyed his opponent. If you all can find it. She will use the scare tactic against the American yo put you in jeopardy. We are praying for you Donald Trump. May God bless you and your family

  2. Please do not back down about any of the things you promised. It is long past the time that our borders should be closed--ROCK SOLID!!! I am a 66 yr. old female on disability for multiple medical issues. My husband is also medically disabled. We both worked our entire lives and I get angry when all the foreigners come here, get American jobs, get great educations, get our amenities (social services, daycare, social security, free medical, etc.), and take it away from people who deserve it---real Americans. And as far as the race issue, that will eventually lead to another civil war in America, no matter who is president. The Charleston, SC incident cost America part of our history and heritage. What did they loose when they targeted white cops and a black man killed a white reporter and cameraman on live TV in Roanoke VA? I have never voted for a Republican in my life but I will vote for Trump in November. I am humiliated at myself because I voted for Obama.

    1. I am sorry you and your husband have a lot of medical issues and agree with a lot of what you have to say here. I was always told that the Democrats look out for the little guy. Many years ago the light came on for me when I realized that is just a line to get people to vote for them. I hope others see the light like you and I have before it is too late. I believe the Democrats will continue to allow illegals, criminals, terrorists and drugs to pour across our border. Plus they will continue to bring the so called refugees in by the thousands until we start to look like Europe and eventually could become like Venezuela (an oil rich country now starving and destroyed by Socialism in a very short time).

      I believe that Mr. Trump fully intends to build the wall, deport the illegal criminals and gangs and get rid of sanctuary cities. He has said he will do it from the beginning and I do NOT believe he has changed on these issues. I also believe he thinks our law is being misused when people come across the border to give birth so that child can be a citizen with all the benefits.

      As far as the rest of the illegals that have been here for several years, that is a can of worms. It is one of those situations where you are damned if you do and damned if you do not deport them. No matter how many years they have been here, they are still here illegally and under our current law it is wrong. I do not believe Mr. Trump will ever make them citizens and they should not become citizens. It is unfair to those that have come here and went through the legal process to become citizens. The problem is with the open border, Obama has let millions more in and I doubt any one really knows the exact number that are here illegally.

      What I will never understand is how people from other countries come here illegally and feel they have the same rights as the citizens of this Country. That is wrong and should change. Many have come here because of our welfare system and are basically stealing from the American people when they take advantage of all the free hand outs. The American people have been paying into Social Security their entire lives and that is their retirement. The Democrats like to call SS an entitlement, but it is not an entitlement. It is our hard earned money that they robbed from our paychecks for our entire lives. Our elected officials have stolen from our Social Security, plus in some cases they give our Social Security to illegals that have not paid a dime into the system. That is shameful and so very wrong.

      The deportation process is not going to happen over night, but at least Mr. Trump will not allow people here illegally to become citizens and I believe he will do his best to do the right thing. They should not be put in front of Americans looking for jobs - Americans first. They should also have to pay for or work for any hand outs they are getting.

      I do believe that Mr. Trump has a lot of common sense and will do what is right and fair for all the people and will put the American people first and put our safety first.

      I feel the career politicians have created this mess. Mr. Trump is our only hope for some change and I am tired of him having to fight the whole world. Bless those that are supporting him and of course all the people on the Trump Train. Let us hope the Trump Train keeps rolling until it has so many box cars that Hillary will not even realize what hit her on November 8, when the Trump Train rolls right over her and all the other Liberals trying to destroy our Country. Keep praying for Trump, his team and our Country. He loves this Country and I believe he will do all he can to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND SAFE AGAIN. GET OUT AND VOTE TRUMP NOVEMBER 8.



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