Thursday, August 4, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Portland, ME - Aug 4, 2016


  1. Hi Folks,
    I am trying to see the sample elements in these latest polls. I could find almost nothing. It said random selection, but I doubted it was heavily tilted DEMs. How can Trump had more than 4 millions viewers at the convention than Hillary, but came out so much behind? I believed the Clinton campaign had something to do with the polling organization. Clinton can treat on anything and get away with it!

  2. Hillary is bringing in record number of Puerto Ricans in order to vote in November!Get out and Vote for Trump.Don't let Hillary and Obama lie there way into the White House

  3. We need jobs, lower taxes, affordable healthcare and a safe America.
    Vote TRUMP!

  4. The Polls are RIGGED in favor of Hillary. Stay Strong for Trump!
    The Media is dishonest! Stay Strong for Trump!

  5. Dear Mr. Trump:

    Although I believe the media is exaggerating and fabricating poll numbers. . .I do believe you have dropped slightly in the polls.

    The reason doesn't have to do with the tone in your voice any longer, but I believe it has to do with the tone of your rallies being more about ISIS (doom and gloom) and not enough innovation and inspiration. Sure we have a Radical Islamic terrorist problem, but focusing on that issue alone or disproportionately will not get you elected!!! I also keep trying to tell you that you need to show more of your business side and less entertainer at your rallies. Sure you're filling arenas with Trump supporters and fans, but most are republicans. . . you need to be focused on broadening your base with crossover democrat (Bernie supporters) and independent voters.

    During your rallies you talk about the one thing you and Bernie have in common is bad trade deals. When you actually have more in common although very different approaches and solutions!

    You both agree on the college student loan debt strangling graduates across this country. Your solution should be to address the college educational system charging out of control tuition fees in addition to lowering the interest rates on loans and renegotiating the time period to pay it back. Bernie's solution is give everything away for free. You both agree that Wall Street and special interest lobbying firms are one of the big problems effecting our political system and having a devastating impact on our job market and economy! Bernie sold his soul to the devil when he caved to the rigged system and endorsed Hillary Clinton! There are so many issues you need to be discussing and your either failing to discuss them at length or not at all. The more you have in common with Bernie. . .the more of his supporters and Clinton voters will come over to your side. Just because you and Bernie see the same problems doesn't mean anyone will ever mistake you for a socialist. Your solutions are business oriented driven where Sander's believes in globalism. . .citizen dependency on the government versus your approach of creating and maintaining higher paying job opportunities!

    I like Paul Manafort. . .and believe he represents you well. As for your other staff members. . .you need to regroup, because they should be focused on giving you a warmer image. I keep hearing about the compassionate warm side, but after my experience at the Jacksonville Florida rally and knowledge of your interviews and press conferences. . .that side is not exposed enough! I think you think that if you show the warm compassionate side that will be viewed as weakness. Well you would be completely wrong!!! Reagan had a way of showing strength and compassion when needed.

    I keep telling you the public needs to see the father / grandfather side of you. . .strong. . .wise and loving!!! A man with great Wisdom. Why aren't you listening? You need to take a few days to regroup. . .read what is being said about you and use the information to transition your image. . .one that keeps your supporters and broadens your base!

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    I also believe a slight drop in the polls has to do with falling prey to the Clinton traps such as the Khan story.

    What I do not understand about the Khan story is why your staff didn't uncover the Breitbart News story linking Khan to Hillary's law firm that has given her tax advice and is directly connected to her private email server. In addition Khan's direct link to the Saudi royal family and other powerful Saudi's linked to giving the Clinton Foundation money! Another thing that should have been brought up is the fact that Khan immediately took down his law firm website that apparently contained information that would have a negative impact on Khan's reputation and that would bring into question Khan's real agenda of attacking you (Trump).

    1. The Kahn family was a political pawn .
      It worked , he fell for it .
      She was getting him back for what he did at his convention .
      She is vendictive .

  6. Trump needs to learn to say a few words and end it, not go on and on.
    He gets to the point where he likes to hear himself talk and he screws it up.

  7. Anonymous - I agree the Kahn family speaking at the Convention was a plant. I am sorry they lost their son like so many others lost their loved ones in the war, but feel they did not have to use their son's death as a means to attack Donald Trump. Trump had nothing to do with their son's death. Mr. Kahn just wanted to attack Donald Trump because he does not like his views on how he is going to keep terrorists from entering the Country. See the article below where Mr. Kahn is continuing to deliver his message using the media.

    Hillary did have something to do with Sean Smith's death in Benghazi. He probably would be alive today if she actually cared about people and was a competent leader. Not a word about her shameful incompetent dealings in Benghazi.

    Khizr Khan: Allah Is Causing Trump to Make Stupid Mistakes


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