Monday, August 22, 2016

Trump Ad - In Hillary Clinton's America


  1. Mr. Trump, for your ads, you need to emphasize your many points that have been made in your speeches, such as: the devastating $500 billion trade deficit with China, the $20 trillion debt, all the money and other benefits given to Iran (including ransom payment), the horrible effects of NAFTA and the upcoming would be beneficial to you to keep stating these facts/statistics over and over again. And what a mess the current administration has given us, because Crooked Hillary will be all this and a lot more - a lot worse, too.

    Please...just keep giving the people these horrible statistics that the MSM want to hide. TRUMP 2016!!

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I like this new ad. . .a reality check for all americans as to where this country is at. . .both financially and condition of the job market. . .and where it should be. . .painting a picture of a better tomorrow under a Trump Presidency!

    And when I think you are focused on what really matters. . .God love you. . .you just can't seem to resist. . .you let your fingers do the talking with your phone! Stop negative Twittering. . .here is the rule. . .if you have nothing inspiring or productive to say then you know you shouldn't Twitter! Stop with the personal attacks. . . these idiots do not matter!

    Your campaign gets me excited again because you hit it out of the park last week then "Boom". . .you are in another Twitter war!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I'm reading a news report that you are back in another Twitter war this time with Joe Scarborough and his may or may not girlfriend! Why do you do it? Is this matter manufactured or did you take the bait again?

    You just moved up in the polls after a great week and then you fall back into your prior campaign tactics! Please stop taking the bait!!! You are truly better then this. . .stop taking the bait! If you have time to respond to morons then you must be bored because if it were me, I would find something constructive to do like raising money for Louisiana flood victims or here is a great idea!

    There was a public school that a news team did an expose' on. . .I believe the school was in Detroit Michigan. The school was infested with rodents, the roof was in need of repair (I believe over the gym) and I'm sure the school could use a great cleaning inside an out along with a new paint job! From what I remember the school was located in the inner-city! Can you imagine how many inner-city kids you could positively impact? Do something constructive to help. . .I bet the cost would not be as expensive as the political ads designed to win over new voters and regain some you lose after one of your Twitter wars!!!

    I mean no disrespect. . .this is said with love from my heart! You and Pence belong in the White House! Stop shooting yourself in the foot!!! If the Joe Twitter war was manufactured then please accept my apology! But if true. . .please stop for the sake of all your supporters and americans who need you to straighten this country out!

    By the way. . .I was in a discussion with two women at my cancer specialist office today. One was in her 70's maybe 80's and the other in her mid 50's. They were not for you! I believe they were once for you, but now one doesn't know who she'll vote for and the other (younger) is leaning toward Clinton. The reason for their switch in attitude is they and do not like your personal attacks and your behavior at times.

    My response included that Hillary had been in Washington for the last 30 years and had done nothing to help anyone, but herself! That they needed to explain how the Clinton's left the White House broke because of Bills womanizing and managed to accumulate over a 110 million dollars in just 15 years! The younger woman had a misinformed explanation. . .the older woman had already removed herself from the conversation. The younger woman made some negative comment about your behavior and my response was this was not a personality contest! That I was going to vote for a doer a man who knew how to get things done. The lady continued by saying you thought you were going to get in the oval office and run things your way and only your way! My response was that wasn't true that you would surround yourself by the best!!!

    Like I told both of them in the beginning of the conversation. . .you cannot blame Trump for anything going wrong in this country, but they could blame the Clinton's who had been around for 30 years! Also told them there was no difference at this point between the Democrats or Republicans they are politicians who only care about themselves not any of us!!!

    Please stop Twittering!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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