Friday, August 19, 2016

Donald Trump & Mike Pence visit flooded Louisiana - Aug 19, 2016

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  1. The damage is terrible .
    I dont know what I would do .
    These effected areas are going to need help .
    Lets give to them all we can .
    This is what we mean when we say we are facing our own troubles .
    We cannot continue to nation build .
    Lets take care of America First .
    These other countries need to back off and take care of their own nation building .

    1. One great organization is Franklin Graham's organization They are always there with a great deal of help any time there is a disaster. I believe Trump met with them when he went to Louisiana. Here is their website if you want to help.

  2. I watched most of the Louisiana coverage of Trump and Pence's visit. Now they both need to come up with a way to help! If I were Trump I would get Eric, Don Jr., Ivanka's husband and any of Pence's family to go back to Louisiana as soon as possible with a way to help! Not just handing out a few items for a few minutes. Show this country what a Trump team looks like during a crisis!!! This weekend would be great timing. . .and I would show up with funds to give the churches who have a crucial role in feeding, clothing and providing necessary supplies in the rebuilding efforts. In addition to truck loads of supplies!

    Did no african american neighborhoods get hit by the flooding?

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

    1. Trump provided a truck and donated $75,000.00 and helped distribute, he arrived with his own transportation and security. He met Franklin Graham who is affiliated with Samaritans Purse. Already done

  3. Mr. Trump. I am so sorry to see what you had to endure when you came to Minneapolis. I just want to tell you that most people in Minnesota do not behave like those animals that attacked your supporters and your vehicles.

    Courageous Sheriff Clarke has a way of explaining exactly what is happening with these so called protestors. It is so shameful the way some of the people are behaving and there is no excuse for it. The people that organize these groups should pay for it and in my opinion belong in jail.

    We need you - the Law and Order President and want to thank you for giving us hope. You have sacrificed a lot to try to return the Country to a safe and prosperous nation again - change that will be good for ALL THE PEOPLE. You may not realize it, but you have already made changes by forcing the people on the Left to do some things that appear like they care just to win this election. God Bless you and your entire family for your sacrifice.

  4. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate yor time in La. You will be a great president because of your big heart. Go Trump

  5. Suggestion: Edit the directions to the media camera core. Those directions are necessary on ground zero but hearing them on this site weakens your message.

  6. The Real Crooked Hillary Clinton. Mr. President Donald Trump, Please view this video. the link to copy and paste below

  7. Mr. Trump I wanted to share with you, how proud I am as a Hispanic American that we will have a great president like you. I have followed your campaign all over TV and internet. Sadly I have seen clearly that and CNN as well as a few other media sites, discredit you in every word you speak. Yahoo has a picture of you eating KFC and they post bad comments about you eating chicken with a fork and knife. Pathetic and childish acts how you are treated. I don’t believe the polls because how is it that you fill every location in your campaign and yet crooked Hillary tends to show how small her campaign speeches’ fill a room. Yet polls differ. It is a tactic to lie to the public that you will lose.
    So far these are the facts I know.
    (1) Crooked Hillary is a liar. She has blood in her hands Point blank.
    (2) Crooked Hillary can’t be trusted. She thinks all American’s are stupid and will believe her lies. Point blank.
    (3) Every time I hear Crooked Hillary deny her lies, I get a flashback of her husband when he told the American’s that nothing happened with Monica as the world listened, then when the truth came out he said he was sorry like let’s move on. I see twins with him and Crooked Hillary.
    (4) We “Americans” need desperate changes and I believe you are the changes we need today not 80 days later for those changes. I hope you continue to grow in a long and corrupted road path given to you by trying to fix a failed system.
    They claim you are a puppet to your new campaign team, yet it is clear that Hillary is Obama’s puppet master. That’s why no one investigates crooked Hillary.
    What angers me is how American’s are still dying because of Hillary and yet she’s walking free. She has taken the value of telling sworn truth in a court. Feels like she is exempt from lying in court. Lying has no punishment for her, making me ask myself “why be honest”?
    We are losing our American values when our courts continue to fail us with Hillary. Obama and Hillary played a part in the growth of ISIS. He even made the Middle East with ISIS seem that it’s under control when it never was. Sending human life’s (American’s and Allies) into a false battle not knowing how truly bad things are. He also has blood in his hand. That’s why I say we American’s need you now not 80 days till election so no more American soldiers die because of lies about how ISIS has grown. Please Mr. Trump help us with our lost and corrupt president Obama and wanabe but should NEVER be a president Hillary.
    You give me a new and needed hope to be a proud American again.
    Thank you

  8. Hillary Clinton is the perfect Communist candidate. She thinks people are too stupid to take care of themselves. She sees people as something to be exploited and used for her personal gain. She is a control freak and feels the need to control everyone and everything in the diabolical manner dictated by he demented mind. Hillary is evil and those who support are her willing, naive, gullible prey.

  9. another reason why the president waits to visit a disaster area is also too gather his thoughts ,see what everybody else does and get his people in line so that they can meet and greet him there. it's a political thing ,If It Wasn't political then why not just jump on a plane and get over there and don't just spend a half a day there ,come on what else do you have to do. You just got off of a vacation. What did you do go down one Street. Is that it is that all come on man ,I know you push the buttons to get the people moving get the money rolling but do you really care. Next Here Comes Hillary what's she going to do she has no power. Is she bringing money is she bringing trucks equipment what is she doing. It is political of course we need to get the word out that this was badly hit area and they need help going to need help for a while for a long time to come. Now this is what the media should be covering not them visiting. They need to be going up and down the streets show us the homes and the lives affected, show us the debris show us the area that was damaged and drive on the road ,run that camera down each sreet for 15 or 20 miles or for several hours that's how we see the destruction not bringing someone in their of a political statue. And we still haven't heard how everyone else can start helping I'm not seeing it on TV I'm not hearing it on the radio. Why are we so slow to act and how come no one has visited California and the wildfires. These people need help too there was houses damaged. No we're worried about what the other countries are doing. We're funneling money and resources there in other places. We need here in the states too and not just when disaster hits we need jobs we need resources ,answers to what's going on in the government. We need solutions to problems. Work it out vote Donald Trump President 2016 November 8th. No more Clinton's in the White House.

    1. We have a man in the WH that hates America so good luck if you need help unless there is an election coming up or you are someone or a group he supports. Even if Obama did not visit Louisiana, he should have STOPPED playing golf when others are suffering and in need. He thinks he is above all of us and only cares about himself.

      We need Trump the UNITER and need to say good by to the GREAT DIVIDER on January 20. Pray every day for Trump and his team.


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