Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gray DC - Aug 2, 2016

"Kellie Meyer was the only reporter to talk to Trump following his campaign rally at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn."


  1. Only half the American people have common sense. The other half are emotional wrecks. How anyone can vote for a proven; lying, corrupt, crook is a symptom of mental convoluted disarray. I always think of sheep naively following a goat to the slaughterhouse to have its throat cut.

  2. Mr trump please please speak up for america

  3. Gary is 100% right! It's really is mind boggling. But what you have here are LOW INFORMATION VOTERS who simply follow the herd. Ever watch Waters World? Those people can actually vote! Also, you have a great majority of her voters on the Government tit, who fear with her, or one like her, they might have to work for a living. Not referring to those actually disabled and/or unable to work. But we ALL know the level of corruption that exists in the entitlements. I've seen it standing in my own grocery line! Then there are those who do have a brain, and you can be most of them "OWE" the Clintons in one way or another. NO PATRIOT OF THE UNITED STATES who cares about our country would vote for a PROVEN liar, let along a high ranking official who put our Country at risk compromising National Secrets. GO TRUMP!


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