Wednesday, August 17, 2016

FOX & friends - Aug 17, 2016

Behind the scenes in Milwaukee


  1. CNN's website did not mention anything about congressional pursuit of perjury charges against Hillary. Is CNN still a news network?

  2. Corrupt News Network, totally dishonest!!! Hopefully they can live in the Obamaland somewhere else, Gizmo ;) I haven't watched the channel after the primaries, Wolf Blitzer is a real Hillary groupie & his reporters! U.S is totally corrupt after these Obama years, Clinton will enjoy her power with FBI, CIA & NSA and make more money for the Clinton FUND. Hopefully people get it, there's only 5-10% honest news channels left in USA. DJT for President Make America Great Again!!!

    1. Well, yes, the solution is NOT to watch them at ALL! That way their ratings will go down the tubes, and they ALL be out of business!!! DO NOT WATCH CNN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, etc., Same way as Macy's closed 100 stores after bashing Trump:) lol


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