Friday, August 12, 2016

Donald Trump Rally at Erie Insurance Arena, PA - Aug 12, 2016


  1. DJT, please go to key states and hold press conferences with the local media/newspapers because you are at your best when you are answering questions directly for the press. Less likely to make mistakes and less danger of being misquoted. Reaches out also to folks beyond your core base. Your base has seen and heard everything you have to say at the rallies. Time to reach out beyond now. Keep positive.

  2. Trump will be a strong President

  3. Love Trump! Sick of politics as is. Tired of special interests, lobbyists, greedy career politicians. I am slightly right from center, but believe in a women's right to choose and gay rights. Used to be a Democratic. Registered Republican for Trump. Sick of the GOP, but willing to bite the bullet if we can bring Trump to the White House. Let's make America Great Again!

  4. keep on message Donald you do so much better

  5. Trump, you are America's chance. You are wasting it by not attacking key items. No more name calling. Just attack her records.

    1. You maybe right about not calling others names , but if you think it ,itS ok to say it .

    2. Her record will help him beat her yes .Point is we only going to see so many presidents in our lifetime .She has already been senator , secretary of state and first lady already .
      We dont want any more clintons in the white house .
      She is pissed because there were 2 bushes surounding Bill .
      Its her turn to get her some.
      Did you see how she hugs everybody .Its payback to Bill.
      She is spiteful and hateful .

      No more clintons in the white house

  6. Yesterday while in Virginia he said that air pollution just floats off into space. Also that he is bringing back coal as he is also gonna cut the Environmental Protection Agency.

  7. I just listened again to what he said in VA, and the reference you are making is that the U.S. cleans the coal but China doesn't. "They aren't cleaning it... it goes up and...", meanning it's a bad thing that China does not.

    He also said, "We want clean air and clean water." He says that in many speeches he gives.


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