Sunday, August 21, 2016

Important Notice About Donations

I've removed the donate button as from today. The reason is that I think donations should be directed to where they are needed. What I do on this site is linking to news, rallies, events etc. This doesn't cost me money, although it can be time consuming. It's a hobby, it's a pleasure, but I have a full-time job so money is not the issue here. 

Let me suggest that instead of donating to me, support Right Side Broadcasting. It's a small media company that has provided us with live streams from Trump rallies from the start. When they can't have their own cameras at the rallies, they pay thousands of dollars for 'pool feeds' which they use to stream on YouTube. Unfortunately some YouTubers steal their streams and cover the Right Side logo. Visit and you'll find the donate buttton in the upper right corner. You can use paypal, credit card or mail them your donation. Of course there's the Trump campaign to support as well at the official website.

Many thanks for your donations. I really appreciate your support, can't thank you enough. But right has to be right. I don't need the money, RSB and the Trump campaign do. Let's spend our money more wisely. There are other ways to support Trump financially I'm sure, but these are two good options to consider. Thank you.

Tom, admin.


  1. Tom you are what is best about America. Thank you for your time and effort and the service you provide and, most importantly, for the example you set.

  2. I agree with Matt and want to "Thank You" for your time and effort to this website. I will be voting for DJT and agree with about 90% of what he says. I think he should quit the kidding around, sarcasm and change his rally speeches to include more about the FULL accountability of all politicians, how trillions of $'s are missing from OUR government with no records where it went and who's responsible for it. No wonder people are fed-up, I know I am!
    As far as Hillary goes, publicly investigate/prosecute/incarcerate. That's what they would do to you and me in a heartbeat. In her view though... "What Difference Does It Make?"
    It's OUR Country, NOT hers.

  3. Tom, that is extremely generous of you. Your superb website plays an important role in keeping Trump supporters abreast of latest developments in the campaign. I check in every day!

  4. One of the good guys Tom, contribution made as suggested.

    1. Great job , thanks for the awesome work , God bless you and your family & the entire Trump team ! I cannot contribute my shelf , unemployed , on food stamps and nearly living one day at a time . Will definitely dedicate a daily rosery bead prayer for all of my fellow Trumpeteers !!!!!! Peace & out !!

    2. Anonymous - Your biggest contribution will be your vote and of course your prayers. Vote Trump and we will all experience change that is good for all the people.

  5. I have been in your camp since I heard you say "We will build a wall" and my mind has never wavered from voting for you. You seem to know what the American people want for their country and I believe you can do it. I would like to donate a small amount through PayPal but do not see any link to do it. May God protect you and your family and keep you safe from all harm.


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