Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trump interviews on ABC7 WJLA

Donald Trump on Obama: 'He's concerned I'm going to win'
By Scott Thurman, Aug 2, 2016

"Senior political correspondent Scott Thuman sat down with presidential nominee Donald Trump Tuesday, speaking about several subjects."

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Trump spoke to ABC7 at the Daytona Beach rally on Aug 3.


  1. Dear Mr. Trump
    I think you need to provide specifics on what you would do as president at your rallies and in the upcoming debates. I also sent a suggestion that your campaign hold dinners with voters so they can get to know you especially in upstate New York. Also Clinton and Obama are going after you personally and you need to let their comments go and stick to the issues.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Hunt

  2. I agree that Mr. Trump needs to ignore the pettiness and stick to the issues only, do not go off track, do not continue to speak about the past primaries and the opponents. Be specific as to what you are going to do. I think you should seriously consider using the teleprompter so that you stay on track. This election is too important. Take the advice of Gingrich, Giuliani, Hannity, even Carl Rove. And, you need to take the high road and make amends with John Kasich, Paul Ryan, etc. You need to be more humble. This election is not about you, it's about us, the American people and the future of our country. Please stop being a business man and transition yourself. The people at your rallies are not the ones, solely, who will be responsible for electing you -- it's the Independents, Moderates, and cross-over Democrats. If you continue along this path of vendettas, and straying off your message, you will surely lose. Again, this is not about you, it's about America.

  3. (I think you should seriously consider using the teleprompter)
    Are you kidding?

    We love Trump the way he is. He represents us. When he is attacked, it is also us who are attack and you want him to sit down and shut up? You got to be kidding.

    I don't want him to change a single thing about himself. We like him, because he is what he is. Do you get that?

    You seem to want him to become like all the other politicians.

  4. Don't worry anonymous,Donald Trump is going to win. We all need to ware our Trump shirts,and get out in our community's,and captain. Talk to everyone, make sure that they're going to vote. The future of our great country depends on it. I'm going to call into c-span, talk to everyone I can, and do anything I can, to make sure we don't save America, and the only way to do that, is to elect Donald J Trump president. Also, very important, if we don't do it now, we will have lost our America, as we've known it. God bless Donald Trump, and America!

  5. Donald J. Trump is already saving our country as his common sense statements such as on NATO has already embarrassed our bought off politicians into starting to do what is best for America and Americans! Stop watching the media hores spin lies and malfeasance until you head is sick and ready to burst from it. I can create any political poll with whatever results you want so trash this crap too! Listen to you Patriot and American People's Champion Donald J. Trump for the only Truth you will get in this Rigged Country.

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his Family!

  6. Anonymous - I agree Mr. Trump is already changing the Country. The politicians look at what issues are working for Trump and then are scrambling at the last minute to do something or appear to do something so they can use it to get elected. Even Obama is doing it so he can get Hillary elected so she will carry on the same destructive policies of the past 7 plus years. I heard that Paul Ryan even sent out flyers in Wisconsin saying he was for the wall. The voters with common sense will see through all the BS - let's hope there are enough common sense voters to win this election for Mr. Trump. Pray every day for Mr. Trump and his team. We will soon be calling him President Trump. I think that has a nice ring to it.



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