Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, FL - Aug 3, 2016


  1. Mr.Trump, I think your great ! I pray You become our next President...........
    Sir , forget all the Bullshit , You and I both KNOW the Dems are responsible for the Islamic family who, lost their son and probable sent over the baby ..They are are setting you up. FORGET them !!!. Let her talk shit and look like a mean thieving Bitch who took the china etc. , when her hubby left the white house. She is a thief and a liar and a cheat. If she can't keep her home home in order, than how can she keep the country on order., A man does not stray if he has a great wife ! Should I say more. You keep telling us how WE CAN be Great Again. And keep GOD as our FOUNDER
    Get friendly with the people YOU need , (you can't do it All.) Come back smile , and don't mention any of the bullshit again ! What are you gonna do for America ? Repeat and WIN !!! Jody of Valley Village, California A true TRUMP supporter.

  2. Mr. Trump, I too am a loyal fan. And who am I to suggest anything. However, this must be said. It's time to start listening to your friends, Rudy, Chris, Newt, and others. Those dedicated to your election, and have your six. Start with possibly adding more substance to your speeches. I've followed you on TV and on line since July of last year. What you have to say is completely predictable. Same ole, same ole! Attack Hillary and Obama and their failed policies, not everyone who cheap shots you personally or politically. You don't have the time in your life to attack those, and they just don't matter!! Even Fox is failing you on many of their programs now. Add substance to your speeches. Your not giving away National secrets by doing that. We...the people, we know you. We KNOW your achievements, and acknowledge your abilities. If we didn't, we wouldn't be where we are now, and neither would you, frankly. But Donald, you continue to shoot yourself in the foot every day. I cringe when I hear some things, and your refusal to apologize to anyone for anything is not reasonable when it matters. Not even to your loyal fans when you keep them waiting, sometimes in sweltering heat, while you're consistently late for your own events. Sometimes up to an hour or more. I'd be fired if I treated my job that way. But the point of this message is to get off fighting the world. You're dropping in the polls and this Presidency is YOURS to loose! Listen to your friends and associates. We want you in the White House, and you're in the process of giving it away and we fear you not only refuse to see it, but refuse to (not listen, but) pay attention.

    1. Dear Dan Ayars:

      I agree with the observation that it is the same ole, but I disagree that Rudy, Newt, Chris and other politicians are Trump's true friends or have his back! For goodness sakes they are all career politicians. If Trump had not won the primaries and with the largest vote in republican history they wouldn't be giving him the time of day!

      If any of them had won the nomination they may have wanted us to believe they were going to accomplish a long list of our demands, but you and I know once they were in the Oval Office they would be just another political hack. . .a career politician who is all mouth and no action when it comes to the american voter. Other then Newt. . .most are bought and paid for by Wall Street or other special interest. . .a perfect example is Rudy with Merrill Lynch!!!

      As for Trump's true friends. . . Ben Carson that is another story he is an outsider who truly has Trump"s back and Pastor Mark Burns is another true friend who has Trump's and this country's best interest at heart!!!

      As for Trump's speeches becoming predictable. . .well let's say that is an understatement. I suggested he begin conducting his speeches like he would handle a business meeting. . .it is time to transition his campaign to a more substantive dialogue and less entertainment!

      Take a issue such as social security. Explain why it is in the financial state it is in and how we are going to resolve it. Explain to the American people that social security has been abused by many politicians over the last 3 or 4 decades as they have filled the social security lock box with IOU's (money borrowed for other programs and national projects) that have never been paid back! I call it misappropriation of funds and quite frankly what has been done to social security is illegal! He needs to talk about senate committees and other political groups repaying their debt to the fund then social security will be solvent again. The issue is no different then Trump's stand on foreign countries paying us back for the cost of protecting them throughout the decades. . .as he says they need to pay their bills! Well guess what? Our corrupt politicians need to pay back social security for all their IOU's period!!!

      Social Security does not need to be privatized so the vultures on Wall Street will have another source of monies to raid like teachers pension funds in the past.

      In addition I have also said he needs to watch being baited by the media, Clinton and Obama, because there are times he is shooting himself in the foot with his reactions and responses! If it were me I would cut the crap out about the dishonest media and stop being interviewed by commentators that are not objective who have a track record of being pro democrat / Clinton which include Chuck Todd of Meet The Press and other commentators who were in the former Clinton Adminstration!

      Just food for thought!


      Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  3. Dear Mr. Trump,
    Why did you have to be interviewed by the dishonest media? You knew they set up booby traps for you. You openly criticized them and you didn't think they wanted revenge badly? I bet if you don't go to ANY interviews but focus your messages on the campaign trials, your poll numbers will go up. You are a household name and you don't need to appear on TV. It is not free media. They will make you pay a heavy price.

  4. Dear Mr. Trump, (President of the United states of America)
    That's what I want to see for America! You have an amazing plan to make America great again. I'm counting on you to be our next great President, don't let me down. I am a woman that trusts you, you have my vote! Please, you are far to intelligent to continue focusing on petty issues that the media , democrats and republicans have to say about you. Keep every topic and conversation positive, even if it means saying forgive me if I offended you in any way to those who have lost their family members to this crazy war of Isis we live in these days. We know Obama and Hillary allowed our land to be infested with these unfortunate murderers and that the $400M given to Iran will only go towards funding more terrorist organizations. You have been an excellent messenger of speaking the truth about our current president. But, now you must focus on delivering the positive speeches your America needs to hear as well as your supporters. Mike Pence is a great person and will be a wonderful Vice President! Now is the time to come together and thank all those republican representatives that are supporting you. As the old saying goes, " You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar, is very true. I am a middle class working woman making 51K a year and are still struggling to obtain the American dream and knows you can make a difference in our country. I am praying for you and asking God to lead you with words of wisdom and great strength that will bring you to victory to the White House.

    God bless you and your family and God Bless America!
    You can do this!

    Tammy Turner
    Nashville TN

  5. You Will Be The Next President of The United States of America!


  6. You Will Be The Next President of The United States of America!


  7. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I am going to say this once. . .you need to purchase some former factories in upstate New York to begin manufacturing Trump ties, shirts and Ivanka's scarfs. This is not my first time making a suggestion of you getting into manufacturing.

    Now Hillary is visiting a tie manufacturer in the US calling out your excuse for buying your products overseas.

    You will win this election on innovation and jobs not on constant ISIS dialogue only! Wake up Trump. . .less said better the example of Khan! I question Khan and the mere fact that he is a immigration attorney. Maybe he is a honest man who loves America and grieves for the loss of his son or maybe his son joining the US military was a front to make the family look pro US while the father used his law practice for the immigration of terrorist! Either way you shouldn't have taken the bait! Why do you constantly take the bait from the democrats and Hillary?

    By the way. . .I was at your rally in Jacksonville Florida, but I suspect you already know that! There was a woman I met on the way from the parking garage she had come from Ormond Beach Florida to see your rally. She was a colorful character and was dressed like a walking patriotic Trump billboard. After we entered the floor of the event I decided to go up and over close to your entrance behind where you would be speaking to sit in a seat. . .when she saw me and was waving to me from down on the floor by the rail. . .so I decided to join her. As a matter of fact she is the reason I was standing near your entrance location along the rail. Joan was so visually colorfrul. . .she was photographed by the media and even stopped by a German news organization for a interview after the event. I can tell you this she was very disappointed you didn't continue down the rail to sign autographs as she stood there with her black sharpie and a framed photo of you clutched in her hand for over 4 hours waiting for your signature! She is a huge fan. Me on the other hand wrote my name at the top of your sign and waited to shake your hand. She is a huge fan. . .I am not! You are not a rock star for goodness sakes. I consider myself a supporter not a fan! You should have come down that rail to sign that woman's photo of you and I actually believe I know why you didn't. . .which is an insult!

    Watching her ask a brunette standing on the other side of the rail (I suspect one of your staff) more then once if you would be making it down toward her was disheartening considering the end result. The brunette's response was it is up to Mr. Trump. I tried to tell your fan that I believed you usually went down the other side of the podium to sign autographs (not where we were standing) not on the side near your entrance and exit. I was very disappointed for her to say the least! It seemed like you only spent 7 to 10 minutes meeting your supporters not nearly long enough! I realize you are one man stretched thin. . .making many stops daily, but quality should not be neglected at the hands of quantity!

    Just food for thought!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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