Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fox News | Hannity - Aug 9, 2016


  1. Trump my son who's turning 14 nov 7 says that the only thing he wants for hours birthday is for you to win so he can have a future. He wants you to know that! Thank you so much for your sacrifice. Trumpence 2016

  2. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I've been watching your interview with Sean Hannity and believe segments of the interview are a winning campaign ad waiting to happen. I believe Sean Hannity is well liked by most viewers who know who he is including democrats.

    He has a credible presence like no other in his field!

    The commercial should come from a basic question!

    Are you financially better off then 8 years ago? (Or) - Is your family financially better off then 8 years ago?

    Here are the newest statistics:

    Get approval from Hannity to use the section (including the side by side of you and Hannity) of this interview regarding the numbers from 6:05 - 6:53 or start with 6:54 - 7:41 (regarding the numbers affecting african american families; and after the numbers have been explained show the part where Hannity ask - "isn't that enough of a reason not to vote for Hillary").

    I would also do another commercial showing the father of the pulse club shooter sitting behind Hillary at a Kissimmee Florida rally (segment 13:30 - 14:37). In addition to news clips discussing Hillary's foundation being a paccepting donations from muslim countries against women and gay rights!

    I believe using the foregoing segments of this interview. . .along with other data will get the attention of voters being isolated from the truth by mainstream media networks and ultimately help you win over some of your opponents supporters! Hannity being the one to layout the numbers a must!!!

    Just my opinion. . .just food for thought! By the way if you are interested in an outsiders opinion of your Detroit economic speech ask Tom what happened to my comment published because it just disappeared.


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson

  3. Dear DJT. I saw you on the Sean Hannity show and would like to suggest that you use more everyday people to help you tell your story. Your convention did well when you had folks telling their stories about radical Islam, failure to provide support in Bengahzi, etc. Could you please do those with local folks at each of your speeches (and TV ads) but include the items that you talked about with Sean such as people who stopped looking for work when they could not find a job, those that cannot buy a house and are renting or living with family, people who cannot afford ACA, people who don't have full time work with health benefits, people who lost their jobs to china or mexico, etc? They may be more relatable for the public than anyone running for office. Let the lady with the baby "you threw out" of a meeting speak about how that didn't happen and how the media lies to us to benefit HRC. Hearing her say it may be better than hearing it from you. Pretty much have personal testimonies for everything that you and Sean talked about and how it affected them. IMHO.

  4. Dear Mr Trump,
    Please point out to Hilary that 2nd amendmenters are NOT known to incite violence, and are insulted by her insinuations!

  5. It is crooked H's agenda to reduce gun violence in the U.S. and she feels the way to do that is to take guns of the street . Those guns are bought and paid for , try and come and gettem .
    Stay away crooked H.
    No more clintons in the white house .
    We have had our fill.


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