Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Campaign Rally in Austin, Aug 23, 2016


  1. A great speech, well put together talking points. Keep it up, Donald. You are winning.

  2. Welcome to Texas ,
    We like our guns , trucks , women , money and oil .
    What are your plans to drill Trump?
    We are an energy state wind , oil and logistics .
    Drill baby drill .
    Independence in oil would be nice .
    No more clintons in the white house

  3. California Voters get out and Vote for the only candidate for the American people; Vote Trump

  4. IRS and NY based probe on Clinton Ftdn. NY probe led by Preet Bharara US Atty for S Dist Of NY. His prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in large number of conviction of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street Insiders. Stay informed: breitbart or gatewaypundit.com or rsbn.tv


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