Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Donald Trump Rally in Ashburn, VA - Aug 2, 2016


  1. I have been boycotting CNN since July 2016. Also, sent Jimmy Fallon an email scolding him for always saying cruel things about Trump disguised as jokes. He must be a Hillery butt sniffer so I am boycotting him also, and I told him so. Trump 2016

  2. Boycott ALL mainstream media besides FOX Hannity and Bill O R

  3. Trump, ignore the bait the msm puts out to distract you from talking about all of Hillary's flaws!

  4. A Republican running for President has to be the toughest thing anyone can do.

    First you have to put-up with a "lyn'n, corrupt, crooked candidate.
    Then you have to put-up with a lyn'n, corrupt, crooked Democrat Party.
    And a lyn'n, corrupt, crooked Republican elite establishment.
    Finally, put-up with the lyn'n, corrupt, crooked Major Media.

    What is scary, for a Republican becoming President, Trump has to get enough Democrat voters who think Trump should be President.

    Trump has to make his case to the people and that is it. Trump needs to realize the establishment elite Republicans and the Major Media are his enemy and he needs to fight them all the way. The more Trump tries an appease the establishment Republican Elites and the more he tries and appease the Major Media the worse it gets for him.


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