Thursday, August 11, 2016

Donald Trump Addresses National Association of Home Builders Board of Directors in Miami, FL - Aug 11, 2016


  1. A great leader. A man you can count on.

  2. He is speaking so softly and business like, but not Donald J Trump like, he is so versatile and presidential, he and Mike Pence make a great POTUS AND VP

    1. Softly & he'll use a big stick product productivly

  3. This man is so smart, speaks so well, and has such a nice manner.

  4. Lets get him elected , we may start to see the U.S. get somewhere .
    We have been saying for several presidentail elections that we need somebody new and different in the white house not to mention we need a repulican in there to help balance the U.S. we have had a democrat in there , they have done what they can . Change it up. Get a republican in there.lets get this done .
    We had enough of democrats .
    Bush said that he may be the last republican president .
    Think about that one .
    To go democrat for the next 3 elections .
    We may as well fold the republican party. It is getting more crooked as we go abd going to be harder to get a republican in .
    This is our chance .
    Republicans need to back republicans and if you dont do it on tv or newspaper do it at the polls .

  5. Wow I was impressed. He was so smart and kept his tone in control. Proud to support our next president. Go Trump

  6. No matter how you look at this election we need a business man to run our country. We may never get another chance , get out there & vote for Trump !

  7. Excellent speech - his BEST as of late!!!

  8. Mr. Trump, NEVER NEVER give UP !!!
    YOU are the best of the republican Party !
    Ignore the loser of the primery.
    GO GOO next PRESIDENT of the U.S.A. Mr. D.J.Trump. love ya

  9. Dear Mr. Trump:

    I am liking the new approach presented at the Detroit Michigan Economic Club (a substantive plan presented). . .also liked the softer but strong approach presented at the speech to the coal miners in Virginia and the speech given at the National Association of Home Builders in Miami Florida!!!

    Walk softly. . .but carry a big stick as they say. Watching you give a softer toned but strong substantive speech makes me think of you and Ivanka sitting at a conference table having a discussion! Keep going this is the Trump that has the ability to win over your opponents supporters!

    I do wish you had explained recently that the failed foreign policies and lack of action by Obama and Hillary in the middle east has been the catalyst behind the establishment of ISIS instead of accusing them of being the actual founders . You give a great speech then boom. . .you shoot yourself in the foot with a controversial statement! Why do you do it? I'm only asking and saying this because I want you to win!

    Just food for thought!

    Oh by the way when a person now post comments on this website they are being reviewed to determine whether they should be posted. So much for Freedom of Speech! Maybe you'll get to read this. . .or not!


    Ms. Laura L. Johnson


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