Monday, August 1, 2016

Donald Trump Town Hall Event in Columbus, OH - Aug 1, 2016


  1. The bible is very detailed about what the end of days will look like and it takes me to the days we are in now. Women being raped in the street, Christians being beheaded, a president that seems to want the complete destruction of a country once built on honor, God, respect, and loyalty. Our countries backbone has been lost to the weak minded which are those who think you can defeat terror with love and kindness. Trump has come forth in a time such as this were stupidity is fluid and incompetence runs rapid. We are the people of these united states and if we don't bring our country back to the values of a once great nation we will have proven Jefferson prophecy that the USA will not be destroyed from the outside but it will come from within.

    It is in our hands

  2. I agree. I've heard that more than once about the "end of days" they talk about in the bible. Pray it is not now!!!


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