Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Republican nominee in his own words

The Washington Post | August 2, 2016

"Republican nominee Donald Trump sat down with The Post’s Philip Rucker for an interview at Trump National Golf Club on Aug. 2 following a rally at a nearby high school. This is a lightly edited transcript of the 50-minute interview."

RUCKER: So how are you feeling about the campaign?
TRUMP: I think really good. I think, uh —
RUCKER: ’Cause there are a couple of polls that came out showing Hillary got a big bounce —
TRUMP: Yeah, she got a bounce —
RUCKER: — after her convention.

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  1. Please Mr trump let us know how you are going to take care of thee poor and social security for thee elderly

  2. Eileen,

    I see you re-posting this. Trump said that if you are poor, you would get the healthcare you need, they will NOT leave poor people on the street. HIS ECONOMIC POLICY IS COMING SHORTLY ON THE WEB [that shall cover SS as well], visit his Official website for that. Needless to say, TRUMP stated clearly he would save SS#. If Clinton is elected President the SS# won't be around after 15-20 years...Cheers

  3. Why are the Billionaire Republicans backing Hillary Clinton?

    It is an easy answer; Hillary Clinton is the perfect candidate for the Billionaires. Hillary is a corrupt, crooked liar who is and can be totally controlled by the Billionaires. What else but perfect for the Billionaires. Hillary interests has to be with the Billionaires while Trumps interests are with the people.

    The problem is the people have been brainwashed for so long they cannot recognized their salvation. It reminds me when the slaves became a free people. They had been slaves for so long many freed slaves begged their masters to take them back. It is the same plantation mentality today.

    Only now plantation mentality is much larger and all inclusive. Now it encompasses; whites, reds, yellows, browns and blacks. People are so brainwashed, they are begging Hillary Clinton and the democrats to allow them to remain on the plantation. In fact they even vote to remain on the dependency of the plantation's design for them ....... It is a surrender of the human spirit and a life void of any kind of fulfillment as God meant it to be. .....Very sad for all America.

  4. Gary,

    I could not agree with you more! Trump has drawn the curtain back for the people to see who is controlling us with their agenda to suppress us all and destroy our future.

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his Family!

  5. Eileen, I think your greater concern should be directed at Hillary Clinton in regard to the "taking care" of you. Ask yourself this question; "Who would I trust most saving me from dire, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump"?

    Trump will risk saving you. Hillary will take no risk saving you, however, will use you to save herself.


  7. Donald, I'm so mad that CNN,MSNBC seem to be trying to lye to American people. They are counting on people being stupid! America, open your mind, and use your brain. It's not hard to see, and it's so important we all say, "WE WON'T STAND GOT CORRUPTION, IN THE WHITE HOUSE"! Thank you Donald Trump! We all love you.

  8. Don't let Hillary and Obama LIE their way into the White House!
    The Media is so disgusting it is a WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!
    They are hurting Americans covering up the TRUTH!

  9. When I see CNN I see no difference from communist Chinese TV propaganda.


    $400 Million US Taxpayers Dollars paid in CASH (cash-means not traceable or accountable) given to Iran the largest supporter of TERRORISM in our World! WHY? Did our Congress approve this? When was Hillary and Obama going to tell the US the AMERICAN PEOPLE? Is this just another one of their favorite corrupt deals of Pay to Play? The stink follows these two REPROBATES around like Flies on Sheet!

    May God continue to Bless Donald Trump and his FAMILY!

  11. The media is totally corrupt! Not right!!! Thank you, and your family,Mr Trump


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