Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donald Trump Delivers Remarks in Abingdon, VA - Aug 10, 2016


  1. Why is this not open to Public?

  2. Dishonest Leftie Elizabeth Warren, spewing lies and hate for Mr. Trump, actually helps the Republican Vote from undecided independents. Her low IQ shows as she, like most media pundits, truly know the Dems are losing ground and will try anything to fool the public. Sorry folks, we are not as dumb as you wish us to be. Trump will be voted President "by the people". Dems and MSM (supporting a proven criminal) just cannot "accept"this; you can now see the "fear" in their eyes.

  3. How can anyone allow the mainstream media decide for America should vote, who to vote for and destroy one while protecting the other? This is crazy and I can only think of one thing right now; "Supreme Court Justices"! Get lost in the media hype and we allow America to be lost forever.. I hope America is as smart as I believe it is!

  4. Milt. This is not a response to your comments, but more of an addition to them. This is basically a message to the dishonest media that is trying to decide another election for the Country by twisting the truth and embellishing the news with mostly their twisted ideas of Trump to help Hillary get elected.

    What I believe and a message to the media regarding their dishonest reporting:

    Dear Dishonest Media, I doubt that most of the people that hate Trump so much have ever listened to a full speech of his. They have, however, listened to the hate that you pour out of your mouths on a daily basis and I believe you are inciting riots, violence, fires, property destruction, responsible for getting people injured and beat - the list goes on and on. You sell your souls one piece at a time - some of you sell your souls in chunks and some of you have no soul left. Shame on you all. You are responsible for a lot of the shameful violence and behavior of the Left. I have to add here that I think you are also partly responsible for the deaths and attacks on our wonderful police.

    You should do a report on why the Left is so violent and how you are fueling this violence in the streets. How are you going to feel one day when they are ripping down your doors to get at you with no protection because we are living in an unarmed world. This would be a world under Hillary where she has removed the guns from the law abiding citizens and only the thugs are armed. You suffer from the same mentality as most on the Left "it is not going to happen to me". Really. It is time to wake up and do your jobs the way you should be - fair and honest reporting. Right now, you are merely puppets on a string for a pay check. Next time you are enjoying your lavish lifestyles earned by doing the devils work, think about the people whose lives you have destroyed because of the lies that spew out of your mouths. If you are unable to change, then you should quit your jobs so someone that cares about ALL people can do some actual real reporting.



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